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Lindsey and the Shift team have been so helpful with my back issues. From the moment I started having a problem she fit me in and has felt like my teammate in solving this issue. I am seeing very noticeable improvements not only in my back but also in my core strength and overall flexibility!

Stephanie Reeder

I am very confident in recommending Shift Therapy and Wellness to anyone who has physical injuries or limitations that are having an impact on their life. I have worked with both Lindsey and Deron doing occupational and physical therapy, both at my home and in their clinic. They are very professional, supportive, and encouraging while helping me with exercises and techniques to overcome many daily physical challenges. They are both great at adjusting exercises to accommodate my particular limitations while still expecting me to work hard. I’ve enjoyed (lol!) working with them for several periods over the last couple of years and feel they are very qualified. Plus they are just fun people. The Shift team is the best!

Jennifer Pugh

Simply the most unique approach to therapy and wellness. Lindsey, Clint , and Deron are exceptionally knowledgeable in sports related injuries and injury prevention, finding the root cause, and implementing an individual plan just for you. I had the honor and pleasure of not only working with them, but was a client. Shift goes way above expectations to provide care, information, resources and even post therapy follow up and home exercise program to continue your successful journey to wellness. No matter your age, they are committed to helping you “age well, live well, be well”

Melinda Ferguson

I can’t recommend Shift Therapy enough. I’ve had the same neck pain for 5 years and have tried many things to find relief and nothing worked. Others told me that there was nothing I could do. I’m so glad I found Shift Therapy. Lindsey was able to identify my issue and give me hope that it could get better. With the exercises I was given and sessions with Clint I am now pain free and have a range of motion I didn’t think I would get back. Everyone here is so kind and genuine. You can tell that they really care about what they are doing and their goal truly is to help you be a stronger healthier you. I wish I could give more than 5 stars!

Emily Jennings

Lindsey is truly amazing! A few months ago, I experienced a back injury that caused me a great deal of pain. I thought I had fully recovered after resting, but unfortunately, the problem resurfaced. The pain became so severe that I could barely even put on my pants. Fortunately, Lindsey was able to diagnose the issue accurately. Not only did she diagnose it, but she also taught me several exercises specifically designed to target the instability in my back, which was the root cause of my problems. It’s been two months since I started following Lindsey’s guidance, and I am thrilled to say that I am now completely pain-free! In fact, I feel stronger than ever and have even been able to push myself harder during my workouts. I am incredibly grateful to Lindsey and the team at Shift Therapy for their expertise and assistance. Thank you so much!

Andrew Calvert

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Kelli Duncan

Lindsey is a joy to work with, and has an abundance of knowledge about strength, wellness and stability. I’m so impressed! Deron is a master of his craft, and I can speak particularly to his bike fit capabilities. 10/10 would recommend! 

Dionda Brown

Love this practice! They offer excellent personal customer service and the team is so talented and knowledgeable. They have great communication with patients and I feel like I get the very best care!