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Sports Injury IN Rome

Athletes on every level run the constant risk of injury. Professional sports icons run the same risk as those on High School and college teams and weekend outdoor enthusiasts. Whatever your sport or level of achievement, the risk of injury hasn’t deterred you from pursuing your passion and won’t either. At our Physical Therapy Clinic is dedicated to helping injured athletes recover quickly and regain their full range of motion and strength.
If you’re suffering from:

Repetitive Use Injuries

Some sports require repetitive movements that can take a toll on your tendons and muscles. Some examples include:
  • Tendonitis
  • Tennis elbow
  • Runner’s knee
We will create a treatment plan for your specific needs which will include exercises, therapeutic modalities and movement modifications. This treatment will decrease inflammation and pain, leading to a faster full recovery allowing you to continue participating in the sport you love.

Soft Tissue Injuries

Soft tissue refers to tendons, muscles, ligaments, skin, fat etc. (basically any part of the body that isn’t made of bone). These injuries are common in all sports and result in bruising, swelling, loss of mobility, heat and pain. We will help bring down the swelling, reduce the pain and restore full range of motion and strength to the injured tissue, bringing about a full recovery.

Traumatic Injuries

Most common in extreme and full contact sports, traumatic injuries can include:
  • Damaged spinal cord
  • Head injuries
  • Fractures
  • Wounds
  • Sprains
  • Bruises
  • Strains
Our therapists will design a custom regimen for you, depending on the type, location and severity of your injury. We will seek to reduce your pain and inflammation and increase blood flow to help bones, muscles and other soft tissues heal faster. Our team will work together to isolate your injuries and rebuild your strength, mobility and stamina so you can rejoin your team and get back to doing what you love. We can help you get off the bench and back in the action.

Need Help Recovering from a Sports Injury in Rome? Looking to Improve Your Sports Performance?

Sports Therapy is the Right Choice Sports Therapy or sport physical therapy is a specialized area of physical therapy that deals with both acute, chronic, and repetitive injuries in professional, collegiate, high school and recreational athletes. Practice includes the thorough evaluation, treatment, transition back to sport, prevention, and performance enhancement programs. Post-Surgical Rehabilitation Often, sports therapists work with post-surgical athletes to help them recover their strength, range of motion, and activities of daily living. To accomplish this, sports therapy specialists use techniques such as:
  • Manual Therapy (specialized hands-on techniques to facilitate movement, and functional control)
  • Therapeutic Exercise – from active range of motion (simply working against gravity), to advanced resistance protocols, sports therapists help an athlete recover the necessary strength to compete in their given sport.
  • Heat, ice, taping techniques, and electrical stimulation
  • Functional Retraining – all sports require specialized balance, movement patterns, and dynamic flexibility and stability. Sports therapy includes retraining the athlete in their given area of interest or excellence. Examples include helping pitchers recover their throwing mechanics. Assisting football players in cutting, catching, throwing, and backpedaling. Helping basketball players recover the jumping, shuffling, and shooting mechanics.
  • Dynamic Strength & Endurance Training – most sports require endurance, balance, and short burst of intense strength output. In the later stages of rehabilitation of athletes, sports therapists transition players to advanced conditioning programs that closely replicate their experience on the court or playing field.
Prevention Sports therapists often provide interventions and recommendations to assist athletes with the prevention. This may include pre-participation evaluations, equipment advice, conditioning programs (e.g. ACL injury prevention) and cardiorespiratory conditioning programs that are constructed to assist athletes in a safe transition back to sport. Sports Performance Programs After a thorough evaluation of an athlete’s strength, neuromuscular coordination, flexibility, and cardiorespiratory fitness, the sports therapist will develop a sports performance training plan to help the athlete achieve their performance goals. Programs are tailored to specific sporting demands and provided to the athlete as a training regime (plan of action); or the sports therapist may coach and guide the athlete through a performance program on a several times/week basis again, depending on the athletes goals and needs. If You Or Your Teen Athlete Want to Speed Up Recovery, or Maximize Sports Performance, We Can Help.

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Andrew Calvert

Lindsey is truly amazing! A few months ago, I experienced a back injury that caused me a great deal of pain. I thought I had fully recovered after resting, but unfortunately, the problem resurfaced. The pain became so severe that I could barely even put on my pants. Fortunately, Lindsey was able to diagnose the issue accurately. Not only did she diagnose it, but she also taught me several exercises specifically designed to target the instability in my back, which was the root cause of my problems. It’s been two months since I started following Lindsey’s guidance, and I am thrilled to say that I am now completely pain-free! In fact, I feel stronger than ever and have even been able to push myself harder during my workouts. I am incredibly grateful to Lindsey and the team at Shift Therapy for their expertise and assistance. Thank you so much!

Melissa Edwards

We went to the remarkable team at SHIFT after my Mom fell and broke her back. My Dad had balance and walking issues, too. The team at SHIFT were recommended to me because they have a track record of helping seniors with mobility issues.  Deron and Clint were the primary therapists who worked with my parents. I could see the improvement in the first week of therapy. They have gotten stronger and more stable walking over the course of treatment. We could even see a big difference when we skipped a week to go on vacation. This group is extremely knowledgable, friendly and they know how to meet their patients where they are and build a partnership so they can improve.  My Mom’s back is great, my Dad’s balance and stability is much better and they are now committed to getting stronger every week! I can’t say enough good things about them. The team at SHIFT is AMAZING!